Piolo Pascual Wants to be a Pastor

Apr 02, 12 Piolo Pascual Wants to be a Pastor

Handsome heartthrob actor Piolo Pascual revealed in an interview that he wants to be a pastor. “Yes, I had wanted to be a pastor, but my church (Victory Christian Fellowship) told me I’m more important where I am now because many are becoming pastors, but to be Christian in showbiz is important,” he said in an interview with Wilson Lee Flores which appeared on Sunday of the Philippine Star.

He said he was actually contemplating of becoming a priest and wanted to enter seminary after high school but he abandoned his plan when he was accepted at the University of Santo Tomas for college.

He revealed that he lifts up everything to God when he is confronted with controversies in his personal life. When asked about his advice for success, Piolo said, “Positive thinking, have faith in God, love life, avoid things bad for the health or body, keep things simple in one’s life, pray, read the Bible every day.”

Aside from the doubts that people have in Piolo after his high profile break-up with beautiful actress KC Concepcion, may be Piolo is called for a higher mission in life and that is becoming a Pastor.  Nevertheless, he remains handsome and a bankable actor.

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